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Landgrid Enterprise

Whether you need a fully customized and branded GIS mapping platform, a special data integration, or a property surveying project, Landgrid Enterprise has your back. Our experienced team is happy to talk with you about your needs and ideas, and craft a path to success.

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White Label Enterprise

White label with us and make our GIS platform your own

Get a fully customized and branded Landgrid mapping platform for your business, organization, or project that integrates with the software you already use. Your Enterprise account will be powered by Landgrid and supported by the Loveland team, but it will be all about YOU: your brand, your data, your audience, and your goals, all hosted at your own domain name.

Custom branding & UI

Make our Landgrid platform your own. Let the Loveland team build an entirely custom site for you & your organization.

You can then add your logo, your colors and customize the UI to your needs. 

Custom maps & filters

We can build custom maps for your project & use case. We can also create custom filters for data points that matter most to you. Get your daily data analytics & insights on your custom site.

Bring your own data

Have your own property datasets? No problem. The Loveland team will clean & import your data onto the Landgrid platform. You can work with your data joined with Landgrid parcel data.

Custom survey app

As part of the whitelabel solution, we can even customize our survey app for your organization with your logo & branding. The app simply becomes an extension of your custom mapping site.

Public or private site

Depending on your needs, we could make your custom platform a public facing site or a password protected private site.

Integrate with your existing software

You already work with your own tools for managing data. No problem. We can integrate with your existing tools and get our GIS platform to work with you & your stack seamlessly.

How it works:

  1. You tell us about your project, data, audience, workflow, and what success looks like
  2. We integrate your data into our parcel platform, customize your interface, and host it at the domain name of your choice
  3. You pay an annual maintenance and support fee to keep things fresh and updated
  4. All data is yours so there is zero risk of lock-in if you want to put your data into another program or change strategy.

What it costs:

$25,000 & upwards of one-time costs for the initial setup, depending on the scope of work & depth of customization. Plus a base Enterprise account for ongoing maintenance and support, depending on the complexity of requests.

Why Loveland?

We have years of experience making the best parcel-level GIS interfaces for city-, state-, and nationwide data projects. Our customers run the range of businesses, governments, community organizations, and research projects.
Our Landgrid platform makes large property datasets easy to visualize, work with, add to, and share with whoever you want — whether that’s the public, your paying customers, your team, or some combination depending on the specific map or dataset. 
With an Enterprise account, the Landgrid platform is fully at your service: your brand, your data, your audience, and your goals, all hosted at your own domain name.

The Flint Property Portal

The city of Flint needed a website where a variety of constantly refreshing property data, as well as real-time information submitted from city inspectors, could be hosted so that citizens and government departments alike could benefit. Loveland built a custom site for their needs. You can find the portal at flintpropertyportal.com.

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Let us know how we can help you!

If you have a need for a white labeled custom site and/or custom maps, please let us know how to reach you by filling the form below. We will be sure to reach back to you and set up a time to discuss your requirements further.