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Landgrid Participation in Coronavirus/COVID-19 Research

By Sahana Murthy on March 16, 2020 · Field Studies

As we're all aware, COVID-19 cases are on the rise. During these uncertain times, we all have to do our bit to contain the situation. 

As a fully remote & distributed team, each one of our Lovelandians is working safely from their homes. However, we want to help out more. 

We want to help & participate in the COVID research in any way possible. We have a nationwide, comprehensive dataset of 144 million parcels. While, parcel data may not be directly associated with medical research we do believe it can be useful for certain Coronavirus or census related research. 

We want to offer our data to help with that. If you are a local government or a fellow mapping & data company that could use parcel data to push forward your study, outreach efforts & research on COVID-19, please contact the Landgrid team at

Like I said, we all have to do our bit to help contain this situation - both at a personal & professional level.

Depending on the kind of analysis you are performing, our nationwide dataset of property shapes, addresses, ownership, buildings, and residential occupancy has immense utility in understanding populations and density at a much more granular level than a census tract or block.

If you are focusing on hyper local data for research, then please let us know. The Landgrid Data Store could be useful for local data assessments as well.


During this time of uncertainty, anxiety, and need, we’re all in on helping however we can.

Contact us at and we’ll figure out the best way to help you help others.